Advanced Designated Safeguarding Leads

Advanced Designated Safeguarding Leads (ADSL) are experienced DSLs who can offer peer support to individuals and schools.

The Advanced Designated Safeguarding Lead can:

  • Offer advice and guidance on policy and procedure
  • Support newly appointed DSLs during induction
  • Act as a forum for communication and consultation in particular between schools and the Safeguarding Partnership but also with other partnership bodies
  • Support the functioning of the DSL Network
  • Develop and share evidence based good practice
  • Support training and development
  • Support the NCSCP and schools to undertake audit activity
  • A range of other tasks for the NCSCP that strengthen safeguarding practices across the education directorate

This role is supportive and will not include anything which undermines clear leadership and governance of organisations.

The ADSL Leaflet has further information and a list of current ADSLs.

If you would like support from an ADSL please use the Request for Support form

If you are interested in becoming an ADSL or want to find out more, see the ADSL fact sheet.


Information on DSL Networks.