Schools Funding

Listed below are the responsibilities administered by the School Funding Team:

Setting the overall Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) budget in conjunction with Schools Forum
Calculation of individual school budgets based on financial year April to March
Calculation of Early Years Funding for schools with a nursery
Distribution of the Pupil Premium Grant to maintained schools only and Pupil Premium Plus to all schools
Distribution of Devolved Capital Funding to maintained schools (excluding voluntary aided schools). Academies receive this funding direct from the Education Funding Agency
Distribution of High Level Needs (HLN) funding for pupils in mainstream schools, based upon amounts notified by the SEN team, contact 0115 8764300
Calculation of top-up funding for pupils in High Needs settings
Distribution of funding for expanding/amalgamating schools based on amounts notified to us by the School Organisation Team, contact 0115 8765052
Clawback of funding for excluded pupils
Collation of schools Governors Statements and submission to the Department for Education once approval has been received from schools
Completion of the statutory Section 251 Budget and Outturn Statements

For more information contact:
School Funding Team
0115 8764259