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NCC Tree Services

Trees offer many environmental benefits and are a tremendous educational resource. The correct management of your tree stock can result in significant financial savings. As well as avoiding costly legal action. The identification of issues early on can prevent a small job becoming a large costly one.

There are serious risks in ignoring your tree management:

“Under both the civil law and criminal law, an owner of land on which a tree stands has responsibilities for the health and safety of those on or near the land and has potential liabilities arising from the falling of a tree or branch.

Source: Common Sense Risk Management of Trees, National Tree Safety Group.

There have been a number of high profile prosecutions under the Health and Safety at work act resulting from land owners neglecting their duty of care in relation to trees. In the case of fatalities the ultimate consequence can be a custodial sentence.

Arboriculture is a specialist service, and generally falls outside the remit of normal grounds maintenance. By having a defendable tree management policy, with surveys carried out by a qualified Arboriculturalist, the basic duty of care is met.

We used to offer two different packages for tree surveys, however due to the impact of certain tree diseases such as Ash Dieback the health of a tree can deteriorate within 18 months.

Nottingham City Council Tree Services therefore offer the following option, to help satisfy your duty of care. Prices vary according to the number of trees and the size of school area.


Tree Survey package: A Tree Inspection and Condition Survey of the trees on your grounds which includes:

  • A Condition Survey of your tree stock with a written report and maps.
  • A GIS database logging the condition and management of your trees.
  • Reactive / proactive assistance:
    • Written quotes for Tree Surgery.
    • Advice about individual trees that have been damaged e.g. due to the weather
    • Providing advice with neighbour complaints
    • Planting advice
    • Tree Preservation Order advice
  • Work and advice consistent with the Nottingham Urban Forest Strategy

We will provide a tailored quote based upon the number of trees on your grounds. If you are an existing customer then please contact us for a quote. If you are a new customer then please supply a previous report or map of your site for a tailored quote.

Please contact Tree Services on 0115 9152705 who will arrange for a quote to be provided based on the number of trees at your site.

If any Nottingham City Council maintained schools has trees on site and chooses not to use this service then they will need to evidence that alternative arrangements are in place that meet or exceed this management programme.

Name: Rob Haque – Tree and Landscape Services Manager