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The package will cover legal advice and assistance to schools in three key areas (see below) including where appropriate, representation in the Employment Tribunal and County Court.

1.Employment Law

NCCLS will provide advice on most aspects of employment law, including advising on policy, contractual matters and TUPE situations. Also, NCCLS provide representation in defending a wide range of Employment Tribunal claims including unfair dismissal and various types of discrimination-related claims.

In terms of Employment Tribunal (ET) claims, in any ET claim brought by a schools-based member of staff, the primary Respondent to the claim is the school's governing body. The school in such a circumstance will require expert legal advice and representation in dealing with such claims. This package includes the provision of legal advice and representation in ET proceedings subject to the limitations laid out below.

2.Anti-Social Behaviour /School Security

NCCLS support the Council, Nottingham City Homes and local schools to tackle anti-social behaviour through a variety of means including applications for injunctions, Anti-Social behaviour orders and possession proceedings. Colleagues within NCCLS have extensive experience of supporting schools, including advising in regard to existing policies and working through specific instances of anti-social behaviour.

With regard to schools, most instances of anti-social behaviour can be addressed without the need for court proceedings. However, in terms of assaults or threats against staff, subject to the limitations laid out below and in appropriate cases, we are able to provide advice and representation up to and including injunction proceedings against the alleged perpetrator.

3.Education Law

This area can be quite challenging, particularly when it comes to dealing with parental disputes and matters of a sensitive nature. To assist schools in this area, NCCLS will provide advice and/or representation in relation to the following:

  • A broad range of school policy matters.
  • School admissions (Formation and review of admission arrangements).
  • Pupil discipline (Advice on pupil discipline policy).
  • Special Educational Needs.
  • School governance.
  • Access to school files.
  • Other day-to-day education matters such as parental disputes.

Although this package does not cover litigious matters or contractual/debt disputes, we will provide you with a letter template which you can tailor to your specific needs for use in such matters. These templates can be used to attempt to recover smaller debts, such as overdue dinner money, or outstanding payments for school trips - often referred to as Sundry Debts. We will also provide you with some guidance documentation, to assist in dealing with cases of this nature.  


This package excludes the following:

  • All litigation (such as contractual/debt disputes) and Insolvency related work.
  • All pre litigation work – i.e. dealing with correspondence or advising in relation to the dispute.
  • Representation at small claims hearings (or any other hearings dealt with in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules)
  • Advice/representation in relation to any hearing or meeting of the school governors or committee of governors and exclusion appeal panels and advice where the matter relates to actual or potential exclusion of a pupil.
  • Legal advice and representation in relation to personal injury claims or any other matter, which is or should be covered by the school's insurance cover. Legal assistance on these matters should be covered by your insurance arrangements.
  • Legal advice and representation in relation to licensing or planning applications.
  • Legal advice and representation in relation to any criminal defence work, eg Health and Safety prosecutions.
  • Legal advice and representation in relation to property disputes.
  • Legal advice and representation in relation to substantive data protection/GDPR/Information Governance issues.

Legal Services will not be able to advise/assist where there is a conflict of interest between a school or staff and the City Council.

Payment of any court fees, fines, awards, compensation or damages, counsel fees or other disbursements (including payment of the other party’s costs if appropriate) will not be covered by this arrangement and will need to be paid before they are incurred by the City Council.

This Service Offer only relates to the three core areas of work described above. However, NCCLS can also provide advice and representation across a range of other areas including dealing with:

  • Land and property issues;
  • Litigation and dispute resolution, including the use of mediation and other forms of ADR;
  • Commercial contracts and procurement;
  • Child protection and safeguarding.
  • Substantive data protection/GDPR/Information Governance issues.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to explore the provision of services for the areas of work above, which are excluded from your package. A cost estimate will be provided (at the point of enquiry) for these additional services.