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School IT

We offer two main services: the Core Service and the supplementary Unlimited Technical Support Service. When purchased together these services provide schools with a comprehensive IT support package that includes the support of SIMS and admin office machines and extends that support to include all curriculum devices.

Full details of these services can be found below along with all the other Additional Services we offer - which includes enhancements to existing services as well as support for a growing number of applications that work seamlessly with your SIMs system.

Where possible we want to maximise your use of IT hardware and systems including SIMS hence the reason we include a free account management visit as part of the Core Service.

The visit is for Head teachers and Senior Leaders and the purpose is to review IT priorities, plan the introduction of new systems, or prepare you for the transition to Academy status.

We fully understand and appreciate the needs of schools for access to guidance and solutions to problems as they arise. We are therefore not only committed to providing high quality and accessible services but also working in partnership with schools, academies and Trusts to share and promote good practice.

Objectives of the Service

  • Provide schools with a One stop shop approach to all IT related services and support
  • Maximise the use of IT hardware and systems including SIMS
  • Inform school strategy using data available within SIMS
  • Offer competitive pricing with 1 or 3 year contracts
  • Aggregate licensing and procurement and pass on savings to schools
  • Provide schools with a safe, secure IT systems
  • Be approachable and adaptable in order to meet the needs of customers

List of Service

Contact Details

Contact: Schools IT Helpdesk
Service: Strategy and Resources
Tel: 0115 9150900

IT Core Service

The Core SIMS Support Service is designed to provide you with a comprehensive range of inclusive services that will enable you to take full advantage of all that SIMS has to offer in the Office and in the Classroom

The Benefits

Dedicated Schools IT Service desk

Our service desk provides support exclusively to schools and is a single point of contact for Technical and SIMS support with direct access to SIMS specialists.

Unlimited SIMS Support

Our SIMS team specialise in Assessment and provide comprehensive support for all areas of SIMS to all users from Administrators to Subject Leaders and Senior Managers. Our support package includes all statutory data returns, working in collaboration with data collection teams to provide a seamless service.

Office 365 Accounts (Email, Teams, OneDrive)

Unlimited Office 365 accounts for staff including Email, Instant Messaging and Video Calling with Teams and 1024GB of online storage with OneDrive. Accounts are automatically created for staff once they are entered into SIMS. (Accounts are also removed as people leave your school.)

Annual Account Management Meeting

Annual visit (on site or remote) from a Senior SIMS Consultant to plan and develop how your school can maximise its usage of SIMS in line with the planned outcomes of your School Development Plan.

Unlimited Training

We offer an extensive range of courses and workshops to suit all SIMS users. Our training at present is remote but can be held at our training centre and is always led by highly skilled, experienced trainers. Your core package includes unlimited access to this valuable resource.

Automatic SIMS Upgrades and Patches

All patches and upgrades are applied automatically to ensure access to new features and statutory returns functionality. Upgrades are processed out of hours to avoid disruption.

Remote Access

24/7 access to all school systems including SIMS for up to five users as standard. Invaluable for the Senior Management Team and Assessment Co-ordinators who can access live SIMS data while away from the school site.

Extranet Access

Access to Schools IT's Extranet pages with dedicated sections for Assessment Co-ordinators, SENCOs, Senior Leadership Team and Administrators.

Schools IT Newsletter

Informative monthly bulletin outlining upcoming priorities for key SIMS users, including Termly Tasks, Top Tips, Case Studies and full guidance for all statutory returns.

3rd Party Application Support

Our support teams also provide support for popular third party applications such as Parent App, Teacher App, Schoolcomms, InVentry, Marvellous Me, My Concern etc

Trusts and Academies

We can offer bespoke consultancy and training sessions for Learning Trusts and Academy Groups to suit your specific requirements.

DBS Checked Staff

All staff within the Schools IT Team are DBS checked by Nottingham City Council.

Curriculum Support Service

he service extends cover to include all devices used by teaching staff and pupils, including networking and server systems. The service also entitles schools to unlimited technical support for both admin and curriculum systems whether onsite or remote. This allows schools to easily budget for their IT support costs and avoid unexpected bills.

This service allows Head Teachers and ICT coordinators to concentrate on the teaching and learning aspects of ICT. Our trained technical staff can then advise the school on all technical items, such as hardware and software purchases, assisting the school to make informed decisions on all ICT implementations.   

The Benefits

Schools IT Helpdesk - 91 50900

A single point of contact for IT Support whether admin or curriculum. Where calls cannot be resolved by 1st line staff they can immediately be forwarded onto 2nd line for further investigation.

Single IT Support Provider

The same team deliver both admin and curriculum support: our technical staff therefore have the knowledge and ability to deal with both systems.

iPad Mobile Device Management (MDM)

The MDM solution allows us or schools to remotely manage Apple iOS devices (staff or students) resulting in more time for staff to focus on teaching and learning.

Automatic Account Creation

School Logins and Office 365 Accounts are automatically created for staff and students once they are entered into SIMS. Accounts are also removed as people leave your school.

Student Office 365 Accounts (Email, Teams, OneDrive)

Unlimited Office 365 accounts for students. Schools choose which elements are enabled and control which students can send email to and receive email from to help support e-safety. Staff are covered under the 'Core' support contract.

Annual IT Health Check

Schools will receive an annual IT Health Check during which we will review your IT system as a whole.  The results and recommendations will then be discussed with the school to build an individual development plan.

The annual health check now includes a security audit to reduce the risks of threats such as Ransomware attacks, Malware etc..

Remote Support

We offer remote assistance to any machine within your school, silently deploy software / fixes and schedule maintenance to run out of hours.

Remote Monitoring

Proactive monitoring of all core IT systems including Servers, Network Switches, Wireless Network and your EMBC Internet connection. Where a fault or potential faults are discovered they are automatically logged and will be dealt with by members of our technical team.

Curriculum Support Meetings

Our Curriculum Support meetings are targeted at Head Teachers and ICT co-ordinators, although anyone is welcome to attend. Schools can also opt to invite more than one person. During these meetings schools will be kept up-to-date with our services and be involved in open discussions on issues affecting schools. It is also an opportunity to share good practice with other colleagues and give us direct feedback to help our service evolve.

DBS Cleared Staff

All staff within the Schools IT Team are DBS cleared by Nottingham City Council.

Managed Technician Service

The Managed Technician Service is a more cost effective way of providing regular technician visits (remote and on site) to schools. This is achieved by passing on the salary cost plus a training and management contribution, rather than charging an hourly rate.

Schools can adjust the service to suit their individual needs with on-site technician support available from ½ to 4 ½ days per week. Unlike many other technician services you will always have access to our dedicated service desk between these regular visits. This ensures schools are not left waiting for high priority issues to be resolved until their next technician visit.

All technicians are fully trained and managed on the school's behalf. Technicians are members of the curriculum support team, where they will be able to keep up to speed with new technologies and what's happening in and around 'Children & Families' and our city schools. Your local technician will also have direct access to support from the rest of the Schools IT team and its resources.