Insurance for Maintained Schools

About Insurance for Schools

*** Please note that the below services and insurances are currently only available to maintained schools ***

The Insurance Team arrange and manage all aspects of insurance for schools

The specialist knowledge within the team means that we are able to offer the schools a comprehensive service incorporating all insurance needs, claims handling and operational risk management advice and initiatives. Dedicated officers are on hand and available to provide specialist advice, including liability matters, school trips insurance, PTA enquiries and minibus hire cover. 

Objectives of the service

The Insurance Team service will provide:

Claims Handling - a service that is provided entirely within the Insurance and Risk Management team. All claims will be handled by qualified and expert claims handlers directly employed by the Council

Risk Management - is a key element of the service we provide and is an essential tool in identifying, minimising and controlling losses. Significant efficiency savings can be achieved through evaluating and managing risk, particularly those that directly impact on budgets and service delivery

Insurance - The insurance package offered is a comprehensive programme specifically covering the unique risks of a school, coupled with the preferential rates that can be gained from economies of scale that a local authority can bring

This service will give you access to

·        A dedicated claims investigation officer whose role it is to collate evidence and support the school and witnesses. As part of this service we will ensure that the school is involved in any decision made on claims and supported on improvements identified during our investigations. A report will be provided on the outcome of all claims and full claims/risk data provided where requested

·        Within the team there is a dedicated underwriting officer on hand to answer insurance and policy cover queries and to ensure each school is insured for the activities it undertakes

·        A dedicated claims handling officer who will provide support and arrange to minimise disruption should a loss occur, whether it's a theft or property damage through a flood or fire for example

·        Access to the services and support of the largest school insurance providers in the UK



Insurance Cover and Prices for schools

For a fixed charge per pupil - £25.00 for Primary Schools, £30.00 for Special Schools – all the below insurance elements are included :-

1.   Core Cover which will be provided by the City Council which incorporates the
buildings cover, all liabilities, personal accident, fidelity guarantee, money and engineering cover and statutory inspections.

2.   Contents Insurance - Schools are required to have Contents Insurance. This cover is offered through the City Council although schools can buy this cover elsewhere. If the school opts to buy this cover with an alternative insurer the school must provide, as a minimum, the same level of cover that is offered by the City Council, and the policy documents must be inspected by the Insurance and Risk Management Section for which a fee may be levied.

3.   School Motor Insurance is offered as part of the insurance package for school minibuses and other owned vehicles, although schools are at liberty to buy elsewhere.

4.   Travel Insurance to cover school trips 

5.   Extended Insurance to cover artificial sports pitches including cricket wickets and play areas (optional)

Not Included :-

1.   Additional Insurance to cover items of Contents that do not belong to the school but instead have been hired, leased or borrowed (e.g. equipment from S.E.N, photocopiers from P.E.A.C finance etc). Can also cover items that belong to the school but where usage is not within the School’s care and control (e.g. laptops loaned to pupils for home use). Price will depend on the value of the item/s.


Contact Name: Simon Webb Title: Finance & Underwriting Officer

Service: Insurance and Risk Management Tel: 01158765436