Sensory and Physical Team

Who are we?

The Sensory and Physical team is made up of a range of specialist practitioners including; Teachers of the Deaf, Teachers of the Visually Impaired, Teacher of the Multi-Sensory Impaired, Teachers of Children with Physical Disabilities, Educational Audiologist, Bilingual Instructors, Teaching Assistants, a Touch-Typing Tutor and a Rehabilitation Officer.


Who is our service for?

Any child or young person from 0-19, who has a hearing loss/visual impairment or physical disability, and lives in the city of Nottingham, may be referred to our team.

We also offer advice and training to schools and organisations on working with children with sensory impairments.

How do we work?

We support individual children/young people and their families from the point of diagnosis through all phases of education, adapting our support according to need.

We liaise with Health professionals as needed, helping families to understand their child's diagnosis of sensory impairment or physical disability.


What do we do?

We provide information and advice on the nature and implications of a sensory impairment and physical disability.

  • We provide specialist teaching, including British Sign Language and Braille
  • We carry out functional assessments
  • We advise on modifications and access to the National Curriculum
  • Following assessment we provide specialist equipment and resources and train staff and the child or young person how to use them
  • We advise on modification of educational environments
  • We liaise with statutory and voluntary agencies and families
  • We provide training and consultancy in Sensory Impairment and Physical Disability
  • We support transition into nursery/school and across the Key Stages

Training and additional support

  • Visual/Deaf awareness training
  • Moving and Handling training
  • Training in how to differentiate work and adapt resources
  • Training in curriculum access for children with Sensory and Physical impairments
  • Providing assemblies on understanding deafness/visual impairment
  • Promoting friendships with deaf/visually impaired children in other schools

Further Information

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Our SEND Inclusion Support Service Administrative Team will take your call/email and connect you with the correct team member/practitioner

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