RPI (Restrictive) Physical Intervention

Nottingham City Behaviour Support Team includes colleagues trained to deliver (R)PI Solutions Training to a range of settings across Nottingham City and beyond. The Instructors have an in-depth knowledge of the schools and MATs across the region; the educational and organisational issues that settings are facing; as well as being up to date with current legislation.


Nottingham City (R)PI Solutions Training upskills staff to:

  1. Have an understanding around the use of physical intervention and to have practised and be confident to use Nottingham City (R)PI Solutions Training techniques
  2. Develop the practical skills to reduce risk when they are required to hold CYP
  3. Be aware of the role of physical intervention within overall planning and how to reduce the risk of harm
  4. Develop strategies to reduce the need for physical intervention
  5. Increase staff skills and confidence in order to de-escalate difficult situations
  6. Understand their Legal and Ethical responsibilities and the underpinning legislation and laws

Techniques delivered and practised are part of a positive approach to managing behaviour and follows the BILD (British Institute of Learning Disability) philosophy. The training offers a selection of techniques so that any intervention can be as safe and personalised as possible.

The process sits within the Human Rights legislation, the Equalities and SEND legislation plus Health and Safety legislation. The CYP is part of the team and should be considered as central to any decisions made.

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