Education Welfare Service for Academies

The Education Welfare Service (EWS) provides a range of statutory services including the implementation of legal procedures where necessary.   The EWS     offers a wide range of support and interventions to address reasons for absence and promote and improve school attendance.

There are flexible and varied packages of support available for school staff including School Attendance Officers’ services and partner agencies to suit their requirements from an experienced and qualified team.

The Service adapts its policies and procedures in response to changing guidance from OFSTED and the DfE and provides effective systems, procedures and interventions by working in partnership with various agencies to improve attendance.

Objectives of the Service

The Education Welfare Service will:

  • keep abreast of new developments regarding school attendance
  • stay up to date with changes in legislation and Government policy
  • share good practice Nationally and locally
  • contribute to LA policy and initiatives
  • track and trace Children Missing from Education (CME) (those who are missing with their family) and children educated otherwise than at school who are electively home educated (EHE)
  • support schools to identify and address reasons for absence
  • implement a variety of legal measures as necessary including the issuing of penalty notices

This Service will give you access to:

  • consultation on all attendance matters from a team of qualified, experienced Education Welfare Officers
  • advice and guidance with regard to Children Missing from Education (CME), and children educated otherwise than at school (EHE)
  • bespoke training on all aspects of attendance matters which could include attendance protocols and policy, legislation and the legal process, data analysis and prioritising interventions
  • presentations/briefing sessions designed to meet individual needs
  • strategic advice/training for individuals or groups on all aspects of school attendance
  • information regarding child work permits, performance licences and chaperone applications
  • individual casework by an experienced Education Welfare Officer for those pupils referred who are on track to becoming ‘persistent absentees’ (10% unauthorised absence) who understand the complexity of the reasons for school absence, and understanding of the needs of young people, and working closely with families, schools and other agencies.

For further information or a free consultation please contact one of our Education Welfare Specialists

Tina Stuart Education Welfare Specialist Tel: 0115 8762134  



Sophie Coldrick Education Welfare Specialist Tel: 0115 8762273