Behaviour Support Team (BST)

The team comprises of teachers and learning mentors, who have an in-depth understanding of the needs of children and young people and who work closely with families, schools and other agencies.

Our Early Intervention Team supports children and young people at the early stages of the R2i graduated response, helping to build capacity in settings to support colleagues through training and consultation. Our Intensive Support Team supports SEMH CYP whose school place is still at significant risk despite schools following a robust R2i graduated response. The team focuses on further unpicking of need, building capacity, staff wellbeing and co-production with families. Our RPI Solution Trainers deliver Positive Behaviour Support, De-escalation and Restrictive Physical Intervention (RPI) strategies to schools to build understanding and confidence around managing challenging behaviours, risks and support inclusion.


Through a holistic, multi-agency approach, we deliver a range of services, including:

Behaviour Audits

Circle of Adults

Circle of Friends


Observations – Whole Class or Pupil

Parent Support

Principles of Theraplay®

1:1 Pupil Support (personalised programme for an identified pupil)

Restorative Practice

SEMH Surgeries


Solution Circles

Support for SENCOs (e.g. HLN requests)




We provide training at staff meetings/Inset days on topics including:



Behaviour Management

Break Time Buddies

Circle of Friends

Circle Time for Whole Class and Small Groups


Emotion Coaching

Helping Children with Sensory Processing Issues

Key Attachment Person Training

Midday Supervision Training

Relational and Restorative Practice

Routes to Inclusion Graduated Response Continuum (R2i)

Therapeutic Approaches to supporting SEMH Children

Trauma Informed Practice

Understanding and Managing Stress in Children and Young People

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